Pastor's Welcome

   Jesus taught that every single person has the capacity to express the compassion and generosity of God, to be an agent of reconciliation, to love without limits. Sometimes awakening to this capacity happens dramatically, as it did for the Apostle Paul when he landed on his knees, but usually it happens more gradually...

   I believe deeply in the creative potential of a diverse community, and love leading a congregation that sees itself as a ‘community-becoming’ in the midst of God’s abundance. It’s a joy being among people asking questions about hospitality and extravagant welcome, being in a place where Sunday coffee hour leads to bagging groceries during the week for the local food shelf, and where mission is built on the premise of opening eyes, hearts and minds to the hungers of our world -- from food and clean water to human dignity, justice and peace.

   My own journey tells me that hope is sometimes borrowed, sometimes caught, always in need of nurturing, and that it thrives in community. And I understand church as a way of being together that’s grounded in the Progressive Christian theology of United Church of Christ. I imagine God’s grace is always waiting to be revealed in us and through us, and that God gives us the gift of laughter and companions on the way.  

   Simply, First Congregational UCC is something we do together in the midst of this bruised and beautiful world...

I am so glad that you’re inquiring! Come join us, just as you are. 

Rev. Dana Mann, Pastor